2020 in Review: Restock 12/31/20

I hope December is treating everybody well.  Thank you all for your support and patience! While we did ship everything on time, USPS is seeing unprecedented numbers of shipments and are backed up at all major hubs.  Packages that normally take 2-3 days are taking up to 2 weeks in some cases.

I do plan on doing a candle restock at the end of December for you all. The theme is "2020 in Review" and will feature blends that fit the theme or reflect important moments of the year. 

9oz Candles:

  • Best Wishes. Warmest Regards. (Schitt's Creek) - sparkling pear riesling
  • Hmmm Fuck (Witcher) - clove, honey, metal, peppercorn
  • I'm Speaking (Kamala Harris, charity blend) - redwood, tea, sea air
  • Smash the Patriarchy (charity blend)- hibiscus, elderberry, gin 
  • Go the Fuck Home (christmas/winter) - cranberry collins
  • Huntsman (Serpent & Dove, Snow White, Supernatural) - flannel, leaves musk
  • Light it Up (Crescent City) - creme brulee 
  • J2 Hugs (Supernatural, charity blend) - citrus, pachouli, cedar, vetiver, labdanum, peppercorn, ginger, jasmine, aquatic marine, peppermint, frankincense
  • Misha Hugs (Supernatural, charity blend) - sweet grass, dirt, cedar wood
  • Yennefer's Orgy (Witcher) - gooseberry, apple juice, salt
  • Bookish - black tea and apple
  • Winter Soldier (Avengers) - ozone, holly berry, raspberry, icy air, mint, poinsettia, pine, fir 

7.5oz Candles:

  • Dumpster Fire - spiced red tea
  • Best Wishes. Warmest Regards. (Schitt's Creek) - sparkling pear riesling
  • Zero Fucks Left - kentucky bourbon
  • Resistance (charity blend) - raspberry lemonade
  • Existential Crisis - chamomile, bergamot, lavender, orange blossom, honey, lemon, fennel
  • Mask Breath - rosemary, mint, sage, ginger, eucalyptus, patchouli, and ylang ylang
  • Carry On My Wayward Son (Supernatural)- bourbon vanilla coffee
  • The Road So Far (Supernatural) - blackberry spiced plum
  • OK Boomer (charity blend) - cherry pie, cranberry, moscato 
  • Eat the Rich (charity blend) - white chocolate cake, caramel liqueur, and whipped cream
  • Rose Apothecary (Schitt's Creek) - garden mint, coffee, cedar wood and earl grey tea
  • Light it Up (Crescent City) - creme brûlée 
  • Main Street Christmas (Disney) - gingerbread vanilla
  • Main Street Halloween (Disney) - beignet, candy apple, pumpkin spice
  • Magical Ice Cream (Disney) - pineapple vanilla

4oz Candle Tins:

  • Time Travel Brew (Doctor Who) - chocolate caramel coffee
  • My Little Heathen (Serpent & Dove)- sticky buns and cinnamon
  • Queen of Nothing (Folk of the Air) - plum, rowenberry
  • Wicked King (Folk of the Air)- oak moss, french oak, leather
  • Percy's Blue Soda (Percy Jackson) - cherry cola
  • Writer's Lie (Supernatural) - smoked bourbon, teakwood, cardamom, book paper
  • Phoenix Feathers - orange, clove, cinnamon
  • White Traveler (ADSOM) - sea air, metal, firewood ash
  • Red Traveler (ADSOM) - peony, sandalwood, sweet grass
  • Grey Thief (ADSOM) - gunpowder, sea air, cedar wood
  • Smash the Patriarchy (charity)
  • im-Peach (charity) - peach, bourbon, brown sugar
  • 2020 Sucks - bourbon cream 
  • Dumpster Fire
  • Best Wishes. Warmest Regards. 
  • Zero Fucks Left (bourbon)
  • I Found a Liquor Store and I Drank It (Supernatural) - bourbon brown sugar butterscotch rum 
  • Carry On My Wayward Son (Supernatural) - bourbon vanilla coffee 
  • Serpent & Flame - petrichor and campfire ash
  • I Haven’t Seen You Since the Plague (Witcher) - spiced bread, merlot, praline, spruce and fir

This list will update as more candles are made for the event. Be sure to check back later this week.

In January, you will see other items start restocking like sprays, balm and perfume. I have to sit down and really organize our blends. With our growth, it has been hard to keep up a huge catalogue of scents. I am hoping 2021 will have a better restock schedule and a more streamlined product line. Once I have an idea of what that all means, I'll make another blog post.

Best well and best wishes,

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