Aug 26 Restock & Micah's Ashes

Whew, you all kept me busy this summer! If you missed our tiktok video, our shelves have been practically bare. I'm going to be doing my best to get a slew of last run and ACOTAR (the current most requested) blends restocked on August 26th. 

Those of you who that are interested in the Micah candle: I did not anticipate having requests for over 300 candles! You are all amazing and I adore you. Since I don't have the supplies on hand, I am going to open a preorder for the Micah candle on Friday.  Preorders will make sure I have the correct amount of supplies ordered.  Those candles usually take 4-6 weeks to ship from that point but I do my best to get them made faster.

What is definitely restocking on Friday, August 26th at 7PM CST. (This list will grow next week as I get time to make more candles.)

Wax Brittle 5oz Bags

  • Air (lemongrass green tea)
  • Lord & Lady of the Night (sea air citrus apple earl grey)
  • Jensen (tobacco vanilla spice)
  • Blackbeard (teakwood spice driftwood)
  • Gentleman Pirate (rum earl grey orange cake)
  • Carry On My Wayward Son (coffee vanilla bourbon)
  • Cthulhu (berries vines bergamot)

6.5oz Candles

  • Lab Accident (fruity cereal marshmallow)
  • May All Your Bacon Burn (maple french toast bacon)
  • Trickster (lollipops vanilla bean)
  • You're Entirely Bonkers (tea & cake)
  • Geralt (amber bergamot)
  • Holmes & Watson (tobacco cashmere)
  • Loki (bergamot citrus amber)
  • Mothman (rice crispie treats)
  • Yennefer (gooseberry lilac)
  • Gentleman Pirate (earl grey rum orange cake)
  • Blackbeard (teakwood spice)
  • Space Princess (granite metal smoke)
  • Red Herring (strawberry gin citrus) - last pour for this season
  • Gansey (books mint bricks) - last run before retirement
  • Don't Let the Hard Days Win (apple sage lemongrass)
  • Lord & Lady of the Night (citrus sea air earl grey apple)
  • Morrigan (passion flower acai)
  • Spymaster (amber lavender)
  • Tamlin's Tears (coconut cassis)
  • Starfall (vanilla amber spice)
  • Light It Up (creme brulee)
  • Micah's Vacuumed Ashes (firewood cinnamon clove)
  • Fire Breathing Bitch Queen (lemon verbena charcoal tonka bean bonfire)
  • Valkyrie (ozone metal charcoal tonka birch)
  • Sun Summoning (chamomile citrus saffron spice) - last run before retiring
  • Eat the Rich (white chocolate cake whipped cream caramel liquere) - last run before retiring
  • Immortal Blood (snow citrus) - last run before retiring
  • Rebel Heart (coffee patchouli orange blossom) - last run before retiring
  • Dionysus (cabernet grape) - last run before retiring
  • Jensen (vanilla tobacco spice)
  • The Maiden (poppy cherry blossom) - last run before retiring

13oz Candles

  • Lab Accident (fruity cereal marshmallow)
  • Geralt (amber bergamot)
  • Loki (bergamot citrus amber)
  • Cornbread Knows My Sins (cornbread)
  • Lord & Lady of the Night (citrus earl grey apple)
  • Tamlin's Tears (coconut cassis)
  • Starfall (vanilla amber spice)
  • Light It Up (creme brulee)
  • Micah's Vacuumed Ashes (crackling fire cinnamon nutmeg tonka bean)
  • Fire Breathing Bitch Queen (lemon verbena bonfire charcoal tonka bean)
  • Valkyrie (birch metal ozone charcoal tonka bean)
  • Jensen (tobacco vanilla spice)
  • Captain Hook (bay rum sea air)
  • I Haven't Seen You Since the Plague (spiced bread, merlot, woods, hazelnut)
  • Crowley (brimstone whiskey cognac bergamot)
  • The One With the Candle (raspberry jam mocha)
  • Dean (black pepper cardamom clove)
  • Dean's Baby (leather old spice cedar wood vanilla)
  • Only One Bed (rosewood cedar)
  • Aphrodite (passion fruit tea patchouli)
  • Assassin Queen (mango grapefruit green amber sea salt)
  • Book Wyrm (ginger chai tea)

2oz Sprays

  • Cereal Killer (fruity cereal)
  • Cat Girl (strawberry french toast)
  • Red Herring (strawberry citrus gin)
  • Zero Fucks Left (bourbon)

Aroma Beads

  • Zero Fucks Left (bourbon)
  • Cereal Killer (fruity cereal)

As I mentioned above, this list will grow next week.  My focus for the end of August is to get SJM book candles restocked along with last runs of some clearance candles and summer blends.  In September, I'll be starting to put forth our autumn candles and stocking up on some more fan favorites.  As always, if there are items you want to see restocked, make sure to use the "notify me" feature on the out of stock item.  I use this to help count numbers of requests for a particular blend.  The higher number of requests, the more likely I am to restock it.

You are the best and remember you are loved,

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