August Restock

Hello, friends!

I have this month's restock list for you.  The restock will be Friday, August 27th at 7PM CST.

I tried to focus our 7.5oz jars on those that were requested the most through our 'notify' option on sold out items.  I also have some of our autumn blends. This won't be all of them, though. I pulled about 20 blends from the survey you filled out and will release them all in September.

Unfortunately, there are no Double Wick jars this month. We are having work done in our basement (where I store my inventory) so i have no space to store the larger jars.  I'll make a lot more double wicks next month for auctions and the restock.

7.5oz Candle Jars

  • Phoenix Feathers (orange clove cinnamon)
  • Boyfriend Hoodie (white santal, cedarwood, vanilla bean, bergamot, sandalwood)
  • Wayward (cranberry)
  • Carry On My Wayward Son (bourbon coffee vanilla)
  • Asgard (cider and oak barrel)
  • Crowley (whiskey cognac bergamot brimstone)
  • Awesomesauce (cotton candy)
  • I Found a Liquor Store (bourbon butterscotch rum brown sugar)
  • Time Travel Brew (coffee chocolate caramel)
  • Amazonian Warrior (fig honey cassis ambergis)
  • Morrigan (passion flower, red currant, mandarin, açaí berries, plumeria, jasmine, amber, orange blossom)
  • Dean's Baby (leather cedar wood old spice vanilla)
  • Wrath (blood orange, black raspberry, plum, incense, peonies, rose, vanilla, vetiver, balsam and musk)
  • Demon Blood (blood orange)
  • Jamie (whiskey rain oak moss)
  • Song of the Siren (orchid sea salt)
  • Cauldron (patchouli, pine, vanilla, violet, clove, geranium, citrus, violet, heliotrope)
  • Salt & Burn (salted caramel)
  • Thriller (white pumpkin and clove)
  • Basic Witch (pumpkin spice latte rum)
  • Pumpkin Witch (pumpkin cheesecake) - formerly "What the Cuss"
  • Final Girl (marshmallow, toffee, apple)
  • Hexed (apple anise)
  • Chupacabra (cinnamon tres leche)

4oz Candle Tins

  • Morpheus (lavender cedar wood)
  • Eclectic Witch (charcoal coriander sage nutmeg)
  • Boss witch (black pepper, clove leaf, nutmeg, lavender, cedar wood, patchouli, sandalwood)
  • Kitchen Witch (lemon verbena rosemary)
  • Hedge Witch (fresh greens, coriander, jasmine, rosewood, cedar and oak moss)
  • Modern Witch (vetiver, sage, lemon, pear, pineapple, cedar and sandalwood)
  • Pumpkin Witch (pumpkin cheesecake)
  • Basic Witch (rum pumpkin spice latte)
  • The Grimoire (amber, balsam, patchouli, cedar wood, vetiver, cinnamon)
  • Master Bruce (shaved cedar, whisky, cognac, bourbon and wine)
  • Singer Salvage (metal & fuel) - only FIVE will be available
  • I Found a Liquor Store (butterscotch rum bourbon brown sugar)
  • Cauldron (patchouli, pine, vanilla, violet, clove, geranium, citrus, violet, heliotrope)

Solid Scent Sticks

  • Get This Man a Shield
  • Enchantress
  • Dean
  • Dean's Baby
  • Light it Up
  • I am a Winchester
  • Writers Lie
  • Draco
  • Bibliophile
  • Yenn
  • Lord & Lady of the Night
  • Hmmm Fuck
  • Fallen Angel
  • Geralt
  • Romance
  • Spymaster
  • Make Me Your Villain
  • Sun Summoning
  • Hecate
  • Enemies to Lovers


  • Candle Warmer Plates - we will be adding warmers to the shop! This will help you get scent from the last dregs of your candles and help those who don't want to burn candles

  • Long handle trimmers - trimmer scissors will be added for those who like them better than nail clippers


I'll add to this list if I'm able to create more next week. I'll be aiming to get sprays, solid perfume and wax melts done. (in that order)

Be well,

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