Chicago Tardis Preview

Hello fellow Whovians, who are we going to see next weekend at Chicago Tardis??  We look forward to Tardis every Thanksgiving now.  This is our fourth or fifth year selling there.

For those we will see, here is the scent menu coming to you:

  • Asgard (oak barrel cider)
  • Blackbeard (teakwood leather)
  • Boyfriend Hoodie (santal cedar vanilla)
  • Carry On My Wayward Son (bourbon coffee vanilla)
  • Demon Blood (blood orange)
  • The Dice Are Trying to Kill Me (absinth cedar wood)
  • Elementary, My Dear Watson (bergamot musk leather)
  • Gentleman Pirate (rum orange cake earl grey)
  • Gotham (cedar whiskey wine)
  • Hellfire (spiced cranberry)
  • Hermits Unite (books and berry pancakes)
  • Holmes & Watson (tobacco cashmere)
  • Killer Christmas Tree (berry pine cotton candy)
  • Lab Accident (fruity cereal marshmallow)
  • Light the Flame (teakwood cardamom firewood)
  • Master of Puppets (oak moss cedar)
  • Supernatural (black currant patchouli)
  • Thriller & Suspense (clove pumpkin)
  • Time Travel Brew (chocolate caramel coffee)
  • Wibbly Wobbly (gin and orange)
  • Wicked Temptress (apple cedar)

All of these scents will be available in 6.5oz candle tins.  Some will also be in 13oz jars, Sprays, Wax Brittle, Aroma Beads and Soap.  We'll also bring a selection of lip balm and mystery bags.

Scents Hermit's Unite, Killer Christmas Tree, Light the Flame and Wibbly Wobbly are Chicago Tardis exclusive blends.  Any that are left over from the event will go into a special Instagram Live show in early December and from there, we'll have a small sale on our website.

Can't wait to see you next week!!

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