Dec 30th Restock

It's time for our last restock of the year, candle buddies! This restock is going to be filling our most requested scents, getting some long out of stock blends back in AND saying goodbye to a slew of blends so we can make way for new.

As of today, we'll only have candle tins available on Friday. We'll be taking a much needed vacation from 12/30-1/3 and more than likely won't be able to get any candle jars made.  I definitely plan on making plenty in January for our first restock of the year which will include our seasonal Valentine's Day blends.

Here's what is planned so far:

Regular Stock Blends (6.5oz Tins)

  • Modern Witch
  • Starfall
  • Hades
  • Fallen Angel
  • Fire Breathing Bitch Queen
  • Frasers Ridge
  • Tea & Autopsies
  • Queen of Nothing
  • Amazonian Warrior
  • Yennefer
  • Potions & Poisons
  • The Bard
  • We Don't Talk About Candles
  • Dean
  • Girlfriend Hoodie
  • Don't Let the Hard Days Win
  • Coffee & Contemplation
  • Draco
  • May All Your Bacon Burn
  • Book Club
  • Bookish
  • Cosmic Witch
  • Hexed
  • Dean's Baby
  • Carry On My Wayward Son
  • J2 Hugs
  • King of Hell
  • I Found a Liquor Store & I Drank It
  • Queen of Hell
  • Soldier Boy
  • Hellfire
  • Jerk

Seasonal Stock Blends (6.5oz Tins)
These blends will retire for the season once they sell out.

  • Family Business
  • You Betcha

Last Run Blends (6.5oz Tins)
These blends may appear again via Patreon or preorder events based on themes requested.

  • Enemies to Lovers
  • Rose Apothecary
  • Cthulhu
  • Stunning Murderous Little Creature
  • The Last Word
  • Hermes
  • Zeus
  • Faerie WIne
  • Second to the Right
  • Cat Girl
  • Light it Up
  • The Deal is the Deal
  • Assassin Queen
  • Chemical Reaction
  • One More Chapter
  • You're Better than Waffles

Clearance Candles
These will be listed on the "Clearance Candle" item.  They are blends that are leftovers from preorders, seasonal scents, etc.

  • Crone (spiced rose)
  • Mother (honey and golden milk)
  • Fantasy (red currant and sandalwood)
  • Impressive Wingspan (dew ozone rain)
  • Headless Horseman (dark woods green vines lichen)
  • Moonsault (pomegranate bergamot dewberry)
  • Burn it Down (woods tobacco cedar)
  • Don't Go Into the Woods (citrus vanilla musk pine patchouli)
  • Evil Queen (apple white chocolate)

Thanks for being the best and I look forward to making you amazing things in 2023.

All the best,

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