February Restock & Upcoming Restock Change

Hello, my lovely candle nerds!

I wanted to give you a look at what is going to be back in shop on Friday and give you and update on how our next few restocks are going to look.

This week is going to be all 6.5oz tins, samples and solid perfume.  Our mid-month restock in March will include 13oz jars and a new seasonal St. Patty's Day blend called "Fairy Ring".   With February being a shorter month, I'm absolutely time crunched on getting tins and jars done.  So we're going to see how things go with moving jars to mid-month.  If it works out, this is how I'm going to set things up in the future.

Please also remember that if you'd like to get blends restocked in jars, use the 'notify me' feature on any out of stock items. After a 13oz jar sells out, I won't make it again unless it has 3 or more requests for it OR it's the season for that blend.

What you'll see on Friday:

6.5oz Seasonal Candles (Part 1)
These candles are part of our Spring Collection.  I will release more Spring candles in March.

  • Hedge Witch (greens coridander jasmine)
  • Black Dahlia (violet orris sandalwood)
  • Morpheus (cedar wood lavender)
  • Ostara (lavender rosemary blueberry peach)
  • Grace of Castiel (vanilla violet chrysanthemum sweet grass)
  • Spring Court (formerly named Spring Court Spy) (rose lilac earl grey apple)
  • Pemberley (green tea lily raspberry)
  • Odette (red currant water pine)
  • Cinderella (fern wisteria carnation)
  • Rapunzel (raspberry tomato leaf)

6.5oz Regular Stock Candles
These were the most requested regular stock blends to get back in the shop this month.

  • Cursed Kingdom
  • King of Dreams
  • Pedro
  • I Haven't Seen You Since the Plague
  • Lucifer Morningstar
  • Morrigan
  • Aries
  • I am a Winchester
  • Demeter
  • Hestia
  • Jared
  • Jensen
  • Overworked Detective
  • Queen of the Castle
  • Ranger
  • So Get This
  • Storm Witch
  • Bibliophile
  • That Whole Being Dead Thing
  • Superantural
  • Wrath

6.5oz Clearance Candles
These will be under the clearance candle item.

  • No Mercy (firewood cinnamon tonka)
  • Cary Grant (bourbon musk amber)
  • Defender of the Rainbow (greens aloe)
  • Perri Air (clean air pear mint sage)
  • Exterminate (bergamot grass lemon)
  • Hydroponics (orchid musk)

Solid Perfume - TBD

Thanks everyone!!  I'll keep you posted on when things update on this list.

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