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Hello Wisconsin Candle Buddes!

We'll be at Geek Craft Expo this upcoming weekend in Madison and I wanted to post what blends we'll be bringing with us.

The following scents will be made in 6.5oz candle tins with a select amount in sprays, 13oz jars, aroma beads and soaps.

  • Sasquatch (peanut butter cookies)
  • Nessie (rootbeer float)
  • Cthulhu (berries vines and woods)
  • Chupacabra (cinnamon tres leche cake)
  • Clowns Kill (cinnamon popcorn)
  • Thriller & Suspense (white pumpkin clove)
  • Supernatural (black currant patchouli)
  • Hunter's Uniform (bergamot mahogany musk)
  • Huntsman (flannel musk woods)
  • Chemical Reaction (coffee cream cinnamon)
  • Carry On My Wayward Son (coffee vanilla bourbon)
  • Wand Shop (mahogany teakwood)
  • Elementary, My Dear Watson (leather bergamot wood)
  • Dr. Jekyll (cypress citrus amber)
  • Mr. Hyde (coriander salted olive)
  • As You Wish (peach champagne)
  • Gentleman Pirate (rum, orange chiffon cake, earl grey)
  • Blackbeard (caribbean teakwood)
  • Bitchin (maple syrup waffles)
  • Asgard (mulled apple cider and oak)

Once we get this convention done, many of these blends will go into our restock on the 26th.  We'll get a list going soon of what you'll expect in that restock also.

Take care,

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