Jar Size Change

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Jar Size Change

You may have noticed a change on our product listings. The 3.5oz jar size has been replaced with the 5.5oz jar size that we had carried in 2018 and earlier in 2019. 

With the cost of shipping up this month on all shippers, costs to get your candles to you and costs to get my supplies to me are raising. I am looking for various ways to get you more for your money.  The change in jar size is one of those ways. The 5.5oz size will give you 10+ more hours of burn time for only a few dollars more.  With the 3.5oz size, you paid $2.85 per oz of candle but with the 5.5oz size, you will pay only $2.18 per oz of wax.

This candle also ships under the 16oz weight limit which allows me to ship them for First Class pricing rather than the Priority rate that 7.5oz and larger candles ship as.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.



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