July Restock & New Scents

The July restock is focused on many bookish blends in sizes that have been requested through out the year.  (To request a size, use the "notify" option when an item is out of stock.  Now that the feature has been up for a few months, I'm starting to review them each time I do my candle pours to find the most asked for items.)

Since we were away, the list might be smaller on Friday than usual. I expect to have a few product drops in August so that I can fill our shelves with more non-candle items like perfume, car air fresheners and more.


July is going to see the start of our Genres Collection. These will be main stays in the shop and I am hoping to organize things around them.  I'm excited about the scents. Each one has an amazing scent throw even in our smallest tins.  There will be more joining this list in the future:

  • Thriller & Suspense - white pumpkin & clove
  • Fantasy - red currant & sandalwood
  • Action & Adventure - bamboo orchid
  • Mystery - bergamot & cedar wood
  • Supernatural - black currant & patchouli
  • Romance - jasmine & musk
  • Sci Fi - pear, chamomile & honeydew

We will also have a few new scents inspired by different books & fairy tales:

  • Ares - bourbon, sandalwood & cuban tobacco
  • Enchanted Forest - fallen leaves
  • Gansey (Limited Edition) - mint leaves, books and dusty bricks
  • Overworked Detective - coffee


These are the 13oz jars that will be stocking on Friday at 7PM CST.

  • Thriller & Suspense
  • Fantasy
  • Action & Adventure
  • Mystery
  • Supernatural
  • Romance
  • Sci Fi
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Writer's Lie
  • Hecate
  • Sun Summoning
  • Audrey Rosehips (this is the last run of this candle)


  • Hmmm Fuck
  • Ares
  • Gansey
  • Bookish
  • Bibliophile
  • Book Wyrm
  • The Last Word
  • One More Chapter
  • Overworked Detective
  • Thriller & Suspense
  • Fantasy
  • Action & Adventure
  • Mystery
  • Supernatural
  • Sci FI
  • Enchanted Forest


  • Aziraphale
  • Writer's Lie
  • I Haven't Seen You Since the Plague
  • Briar Rose
  • Faerie Wine
  • Red Traveler
  • Grey Thief
  • White Traveler
  • Fire Breathing Bitch Queen
  • Spymaster (formerly Cass & Az - don't worry, Cassian will get his own blend)
  • Captain Hook
  • Second to the RIght
  • Through Love All is Possible (last run until winter)
  • Persephone
  • Light it Up
  • Lord & Lady of the Nght

This list will be added to as I finish more candles this week.

Be well,

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