June Retiring Blends

We're nearing the end of the month soon which means a few blends will be heading into the sunset.

Going into retirement:

Retirement dates that will change:

  • Constaintine has been popular this month, its retirement date has moved to 7/31/19.
  • Crash and Burn will be a seasonal blend rather than limited edition.  That means the morbid "Jess" candle will return every autumn.  Its retirement date is now 11/30/19.
  • Eau de Moose and Eau de Squirrel will remain available until 8/31/19. They will be retired at that time. Squirrel will be repackaged as "Not Moose" since this blend is fairly popular at conventions.  Moose will return as a reformulated scent.
  • Higher Further Faster is being moved to regular stock and will remain until its sales are no longer existent.
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