June Updates & Restock

Hey Candle Hoarders!

I have a few small updates for you.  This month has been crazy with having three weeks of events (loved seeing you all!) and more house construction in my work areas.  Here's where things stand:

  • I am hoping construction will be winding down by next Monday (June 27) so I can start shipping orders again.  I know I announced extended shipping times but it still drives me crazy not being able to ship orders.
  • Since this month has mostly been about making inventory for conventions, Friday's restock will be on the small side.  I do plan on having a small restock almost every Friday in July to try and get the shop filled back up with goodies!
  • I will have more Jensen oil by Friday!! This means one of the Friday restocks will be a SHITE ton of Jensen items.
  • Be sure to use this page to let me know what items you'd like stocked in things like sprays, wax brittle and solid perfume.  I'm hoping to tackle making more of them in July and August.
  • We will have a Popshop Live sale either this weekend or early on next week that will contain left over convention items like sprays and aroma beads.

Restocking Friday June 24th at 7PM CST:

6.5oz Candle Tins

  • Regular Stock Items Returning:
    • Cosmic Witch (ozone • jasmine •  musk • lily • white citrus)
    • Shadow Witch (• amber •  cardamom • sandalwood • tobacco leaf •) 
    • Jensen (tobacco leaf • vanilla • spice • cacao •dried fruit • woods)
    • Asgard (oak barrel cider)
    • Loki (bergamot • citrus • amber • oakmoss • cashmere •)
    • Variant (irish cream coffee cinnamon)
    • Valkyrie (ozone • metal • birch • charcoal • tonka bean)
    • Odin (greens • earth • floral • citrus • • vanilla • musk)
    • Kitchen Witchery (rosemary lemon verbena)
    • Poseidon (tropical flowers • coral • limoncello • • volcano rock • pineapple • mint)
    • Hades (pomegranate bonfire water)
    • Jared (cedar • musk • sandalwood • citrus • • lavender • jasmine)
    • Dean (black pepper • clove • cardamom • • citrus • leather • sandalwood)
  • Summer Seasonal Items Returning:
    • Sturmhond (ocean driftwood)
    • Day Court (paper iced tea lemon)
    • Magical Girl (watermelon sorbet)
    • Kindly Fuck Off (peach bellini)
    • Fancy As Fuck (magnolia peach raspberry)
    • Moon Child (strawberry • white berry • agave • rose wine • elderflower)
    • Trickster (lollipop vanilla)
    • I Don't Like Sand (coconut shae butter driftwood)
    • Blood Sucking Bastards (Citronella Jasmine Lime)

Wax Brittle

  • Regular Stock Scents:
    • Carry On My Wayward Son (bourbon vanilla coffee)
    • Bitch (whiskey cherry pie)
    • Hmmm Fuck (honey clove metal bonfire peppercorn)
    • King of Hell (chocolate cherry)
    • Geralt (amber bergamot balsam)
    • Lord & Lady of the Night (citrus sea air earl grey apple)
    • May All Your Bacon Burn (maple bacon french toast)
  • Seasonal Stock Scents:
    • Magical Girl (watermelon sorbet)
    • Day Court (book paper iced tea)

I may have a few more wax brittle scents by restock on Friday.  I'll keep this post updated if that happens.

Thanks for being the best,

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