Lip Balm Announcement

With a mix of emotions, I wanted to let everybody know that our lip balm collection will be changing course.  In our February or March restock, we will be releasing a collection of ten balms inspired by creatures from lore, legend and fandom that will be around all year long.  Every season, we will introduce 1-2 seasonal blends.

Our base 10 blends this year will be:

  • Angel (vanilla mint)
  • Demon (chocolate cherry)
  • Werewolf (caramel cake)
  • Vampire (apple raspberry)
  • Spirits (wine)
  • Siren (lemon drop)
  • Hydra (blueberry)
  • Jörmungandr (earl grey)
  • Faerie (cotton candy)
  • Phoenix (strawberry peach)

Our 2 spring scents will be:

  • Satyr (green tea)
  • Leprechaun (choco mint)

With this being said, all of the blends currently in shop will be retired once they sell out.  This will allows us to move forward with the new collection, manage our supplies better and reach a broader audience with the theme.  We also will be able to open a 'custom' lip balm feature for anybody needing 6 or more balms for things like party favors.  Stay tuned for more information!

Thank you for understanding and your continued support!


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