Mid Month Restock & Shipping Updates

Hello, Candle Friends!

I hope the month is treating you well.  I know there is a lot of craziness that goes on with the holiday rush. So remember to take a step back and breath. 


We are currently trying to process orders under our 6-9 business day turn around. It isn't a promise but I'm doing my best. We will be shipping orders up through 12/23; however, I can never make a guarantee on when orders will be delivered. While UPS and USPS have been running smoothly for us so far this season, I don't know what the next few weeks will bring.

Before I forget, we will be on vacation from 12/24-1/3. The shop will stay open; however, our processing times will move to 2-3 weeks for the duration.

Mini Restock

I am working on a mini restock on 12/15 to celebrate the last season of the Expanse.

The mini restock will include:

7.5oz & 6.5oz jars in the following scents: Protomolecule, Screaming Firehawks, Doors & Corners and Wherever I Goddamn Like.  We will also have a small batch of the retired For Beltalowda scent.

I also plan on restocking skull jars on 12/15 in the following scents based on request: Bob, Hades, Family Business, Bookish, Boyfriend Hoodie, I am a Winchester and Carry On My Wayward Son.

End of Year Events

Other end of the year goals? I hope to have an end of year clearance sale. Our Facebook Group will get first dibs. This event will include left over convention inventory and other special event items that aren't in our shop. This event is planned for 12/30. On 12/31, every else will get the ability to purchase.

If time lets me over the next two weeks, I will also be planning on restocking our most requested candles via the 'notify me' feature on sold out items.

Thanks for all your support this year! You're the best.

Much love,

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