Next Restock

Of course, our next restock has been delayed a bit because of being in covid quarantine for the last week. I should be free by Sunday to start working on packing any open orders.

I am also going to put a small restock online Sunday night for you to enjoy. The restock was supposed to be twice the size, but covid had other plans for my household. I do plan on doing two restocks in January to help get more things back into the shop.

End of Year Sale

We will have select items 35% off during the restock.  These items are left over from our conventions and other special events. They need to be cleared out of inventory so we can make new items in 2022. The event will include candles, melts and sprays.

7.5oz Candles Restocking

The following blends will be restocked in 7.5oz sizes:

  • Hello Neighbor
  • Hallmark Xmas Movie (last run until winter 2022)
  • Cold Dead Heart
  • Winter is Coming (last run until winter 2022)
  • Main Street Christmas (last run until winter 2022)
  • Fraser's Ridge
  • King of Hell
  • Bookish
  • Carry On My Wayward Son
  • Dean
  • Loki
  • Rose Apothecary
  • Soldier Boy
  • Misha Hugs
  • Bibliophile
  • Geralt
  • Hades
  • I am a Winchester
  • The Last Word
  • Books on My Wishlist
  • Tea & Autopsies

Stay healthy and be well!

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