Next Restock: 4/25

The next restock is starting to shape up. This week has allowed me to see what candles you all want more of and to get a small base of candles in stock for anytime you need to purchase.  This week has found me pouring more jars and this weekend I'll start working on wax melts.  Once almost all of the lip balm are sold in our clearance sale, I'll get to making newer versions of those for you too!

April 25th Release

I am going to have all of our jar sizes available in different scents.  Here's how things are shaping up so far:

5.5oz Jars
  • Briar Rose
  • Doors & Corners
  • Enchantress
  • Fallen Angel (new)
  • Grace of Castiel
  • Hello Boys
  • j2 Hugs
  • Misa Hugs
  • Like a Ripe Melon on the Sun
  • Through Love All is Possible (new)
  • An Unbirthday Present
  • White Wolf
13.5oz Mason Jars
  • Tamlin's Tears
  • Through Love All is Possible (new)
  • Fallen Angel (new)
  • Moony
  • Time Travel Brew
  • Wizard Beer
  • Half Witch
  • Another Bleeping Meeting
  • Bibliophile
  • Lord & Lady of the Night
  • Harley BOP
  • Cereal Killer
  • Writers Lie
  • 7.5oz Jars
  • Anne with an E
  • Bitch
  • British Men of Letters
  • Dawn Court Morning
  • Don't Let the Hard Days Win
  • Fraser's Ridge
  • Green Gables (new)
  • Gryffin S'mores
  • Hello Neighbor (last run of this blend)
  • Hunter
  • I am a Winchester
  • Jamie
  • King of Hell (reformulated)
  • Oatmeal Rai-ven Claw
  • OK Boomer
  • Percy's Blue Soda
  • Sam's Fancy Shampoo
  • Slyther Meringue Pie
  • World's Worst Dad
  • Writers Lie

    Wax melts planned:
    • Badgers Basement
    • Dean's Baby
    • Demon Blood
    • Don't Let the Hard Days Win
    • Go to Sleep
    • Harley BOP
  • Kitchen Witchery (new)
  • Moira (new)
  • OK Boomer
  • Slyther Meringue Pie
  • Vigilante
  • Wizard Beer
  • Yennefer

      Future Events & Stocking

      I always have to think ten steps ahead so here we go.  I am hoping to have body/room spray restocked on 4/25 but if I'm not able to get the listings up, they will happen in our May the 4th restock. May the 4th will feature restocked candles from space opera sci fi themes like Star Wars, Dune, The Expanse and more. It will also have our first batches of 3 wick jars. So stay tuned for more info!

      I've been working on some collaborations for May and June as well.  Fandom beverages anybody? 

      That's it for now. 

      Be well everybody!

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