NWI Scent Menu

Will we see any of you at NWI Comic Con this weekend??

If you'll be there, here's our scent menu for the day.  All 6.5oz candles will come in these blends.  The rest of our product offerings will be a select mix of the following.

  • Angels & Monsters (pumpkin honey chai)
  • Bookish (apple and tea)
  • Boss Witch (patchouli pepper clove)
  • Carry On My Wayward Son (bourbon vanilla coffee)
  • Chupacabra (cinnmaon tres leches cake)
  • Divination (tea lemon sugar)
  • Fallen Angel (rain cedar)
  • Hades (pomegranate water bonfire)
  • Hecate (yew ligonberry spice apple)
  • I Shouldn't Even Be Here Today (canabis coffee cherry chocolate)
  • Kitchen Witchery (lemon verbena rosemary)
  • Loki (bergamot amber citrus)
  • Master of Puppets (oak moss cedar)
  • May All Your Bacon Burn (maple bacon french toast)
  • Mothman (rice crispie treats)
  • Nessie (rootbeer float)
  • Nevermore (blackberry chocolate)
  • Persephone (pomegranate mint)
  • Supernatural (black currant patchouli lavender)
  • Thor (ozone rain greens)

For out next event: If you're local and want to try something new, we'll be at the Lincoln State Cat Show at the DuPage County Fair Grounds on the 25th & 26th.  Find all of our upcoming events here.

Hope to see you around!

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