Plans & Timelines

First, I want to thank everybody for their understanding. We are in strange times and I needed the past few days just to relax and formulate a plan on how best to run the shop going forward.

The past year has been extremely successful (to the point that my husband and accountant wished I was less successful at tax time); however, I’ve also made it too difficult for myself.  Carrying 200+ scents that can be made at any time adds a lot of time and pressure on myself to make one-off batches constantly. Everything kind of just hit me at once this week: general anxiety about Covid, no clue when conventions come back, having a lot of one batch pours to do, my schedule changing with the kids and so on. For my metal health, I know I have to change how I do things.

So here’s the plan for now:

  • The shop will reopen on Monday with an “old label” ready-to-ship sale. I have been counting my inventory the last few days and will be discounting anything old label 40% off. Clearing out old label merchandise will help me with the next step of my plans.
  • In about 1-2 weeks, new label items that are ready to ship will be posted back on the website. There isn’t much but It will include our April Fairy Tale candles & sprays. I also know I have lip balm, a few candles, sprays, diffuser oils, and the first of our solid perfumes in the larger, biodegradable packaging.
  • Our Supernatural finale preorder will open in 1-2 weeks as well. I will make sure we have several price points covered since I know we are in unsure times.

Now we come to the candle plan moving forward. I’ve been wanting the shop to be more ready-to-ship for quite awhile. This means doing large batch stockings every month. To make this happen for you, I will post a survey and ask everybody to vote on the blends that really want to see listed. I’ll take your feedback and make large batches of the most asked for blends (and some other surprise blends). Once the batches are made and cured, they will be posted on the website as ready-to-ship. 

I know this make the shop less flexible and not all things will be available all the time. For me to sustain things this year, this is how I have to run it.  This plan may morph and change once the COVID crisis is done; however, I expect it to remain this way through the summer at least.

Let me know if you have any questions! As always, I appreciate each and every one of you.

Much love and take care of yourself,

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