Rebranding Timeline

Rebranding Timeline

Over the next month, we will be shifting all of our labels and media to the Serpent & Flame name.  It is going to take time since everything is done solely by me.  

Here's the timeline:

  • All social media accounts have transitioned from @42nerdtasticpl to @serpentandflame except for Facebook. Facebook takes awhile to get them to approve of the change.
  • Our Facebook group is now the Secret Society of Serpent & Flame
  • Our website will change in early March.  For now the web address points back to
  • Product labels are slowly changing.  The first that have changed are our lip gloss labels.  Some products like ready to ship wax melts, lip balm and 2oz sprays will retain the old branding until they sell out.
  • As always, if you have any questions, please contact me!

Learn more about why we changed here.

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