Restock 4/30

This month's restock is going to have a combination of customer favorites along with a "Last Run" sale.  Last Run means that the blends are either going to be retired or heading out of shop until its season comes back around.  

Here's a run down of what will be available so far:

Last Run Blends:

Blends that will return for another season will be noted.

  • A Star is Born (Cocoa Butter Vanilla Spice)
  • Another Bleeping Meeting (bourbonwood)
  • Constantine (Smoke Tobacco Caramel Amber Musk)
  • Homer (light lager and glazed doughnuts)
  • Hunter's Moon (Cedar Sandalwood Spruce)
  • Phantom of the Opera (rose leather sandalwood)
  • America's Ass *will return (apple cherry pie)
  • An Un-Birthday Present (lemon poppy cake)
  • For Beltalowda (cinnamon coffee)
  • White Wolf (rosewood metal musk charcoal tonka)
  • Eyes on the Horizon (cucumber, mint, sea minerals)
  • Harley BOP (fruit punch bubblegum)
  • Half Witch (apple cinnamon woods)
  • Karen (toffee, caramel, vanilla latte)
  • Parabatai *will return (Sea Air Amber Musk)
  • Ragdoll (eucalyptus spearmint)
  • Van Helsing *will return (oud wood)
  • Space mom (ginger ylang berry)
  • No Mourners No Funerals (tulips & icy waters)
  • Legendary (spruce pine musk)
  • Apocalypse & Doughnuts *will return (doughnuts and raspberry jam)

Candle Tins Stocking:

  • Wizard Without a Hat (new) (tonka cedar sugar)
  • Wrath (new) (tuscan blood orange)
  • Potions & Poisons (blackberry bramble tea)
  • Divination (black tea, sugar, lemon)
  • I'm Speaking (tea, sea air, redwood)
  • Immortal Blood (snow, citrus)
  • Athena (new) (olive branches, vanilla, musk, and citrus)
  • The Deal is the Deal (coffee, sea air, pipe smoke)
  • Wicked Temptress (apple, cedar spice, french vanilla, cinnamon bark, caramel and maple sugar)
  • You're Better than Waffles (waffles, toffee, chocolate cookies)
  • Make Me Your Villain (fir, spruce, berries, apple, cedar, oak moss and musk)
  • Storm Witch (misty ozone, moss, ylang ylang, jasmine, green citrus)
  • Don't Let the Hard Days Win (lemongrass, apple, sage)
  • Odin (greens musk earth)
  • Lord & Lady of the Night (citrus, sea air, earl grey, apple)
  • I Burn for You (sugared berries & cinnamon)

Double Wick Jars Stocking:

  • Book Wyrm (ginger chai tea)
  • Storm Witch (mosty ozone, moss, ylang ylang)
  • Lord & Lady of the Night (citrus sea air apple earl grey)
  • Stunning Murderous Little Creature (honey dew pine cardamom anise)
  • Odin (greens musk earth)
  • Dean (black pepper, cardamom, clove)
  • Hecate (yew ligonberry spice)
  • Holmes & Watson (tobacco tonka cashmere)
  • Fallen Angel (rain cedar wood)
  • Zero Fucks Left (bourbon)
  • Immortal Blood (snow, citrus, vanilla, tonka bean)
  • Wicked Temptress (apple cedar vanilla caramel)
  • Johnny (oud amber sandalwood)
  • Moira (champagne orange blossom)
  • Liv's Candle (lemon mint tea), a charity candle for Autism Awareness Month

7.5oz Jars Stocking:

  • The Maiden (formerly named Hope) (poppy pomegranate cherry)
  • Hmmm Fuck (clove honey metal bonfire peppercorn)
  • Stunning Murderous Little Creature (honey dew, cardamom, anise, pine)
  • Hera (lily, white tea)
  • Dean (black pepper, cardamom, clove)
  • Rose Apothecary (mint earl grey cedar wood coffee)
  • Best Wishes Warmest Regards (sparkling pear reisling)
  • Moira (champagne orange blossom)
  • Johnny (oud amber sandalwood)
  • Book Wyrm (ginger chai)
  • Rebel Heart (patchouli coffee orange blossom)
  • My Little Heathen (sticky buns)
  • Hades (bonfire pomegranate waters)
  • Bibliophile (lavender cear wood books tea)
  • Sun Summoning (formerly Sun Witch) (citrus chamomile saffron)
  • The Last Word (books and rain)
  • Geralt (amber bergamot balsam)
  • Wizard Without a Hat (tonka cedar sugar)
  • Athena (olive branches, vanilla, musk)
  • Wicked Temptress (apple vanilla cedar caramel)

As I make more items, you will see this list update.  I will also try and get the blend components listed on all items. I just wanted to get a quick list up for you now.

Be well,

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