Restocks on 4/15 & 4/25!

I hope you all are doing well during this unique time.  I want to thank you all for your patience and support while I work on adjusting our shop.  I am almost done getting the listings done for our next restock and wanted to let you know what was going to be available.

April 15th Release

For candles, I will have mostly 7.5oz and 13oz candles made. I have ten dozen candles curing currently. Most scents will only have about 3 candles made. I wanted to make a lot of blends available but had to keep the quantity small.

  • The Alchemist
  • America's Ass
  • Another Bleeping Meeting (new)
  • Anne with an E (new)
  • Asgard's Finest Mead
  • Aziraphale
  • Badger Basement
  • Bibliophile (new)
  • British Men of Letters
  • Bitch
  • The Brightest Witch
  • Captain Hook
  • Constantine
  • Crowley
  • Dawn Court Morning
  • Dean's Baby
  • Don't Let the Hard Days Win (new)
  • Drink Me
  • Eat the Rich
  • The Enchantress
  • Glorious Purpose
  • Gryffin Smore's (new)
  • Go to Sleep
  • Hades (new)
  • Hello Boys
  • Hmmm... Fuck
  • I Found a Liquor Store & I Drank It
  • J2 Hugs
  • Lord & Lady of the Night
  • Misha Hugs (new)
  • Moony (new)
  • My Father Will Hear About This
  • Oatmeal Rai-ven Claw (new)
  • OK Boomer (new)
  • Peregrine
  • Redshirts (new)
  • Spring Court Spy
  • White Wolf (new)
  • Wizard Beer
  • Writers Lie

    There will be some body/room spray available as well. Bottles are currently hard to come by due to the COVID crisis and people making soaps/sanitizer like mad.  Here's what's available:

    • Badger Basement (1 4oz bottle)
    • Captain Hook (1 4oz bottle)
    • I Found a Liquor Store (1 4oz bottle)
    • Lady Loki (3 2oz bottles)
    • Morrigan (6 2oz bottles)

    More lip balm will be available in this restock a well:

    • Badgers
    • Cheshire
    • Glorious Purpose
    • Trickster
    • What the Cuss
    • Wizard Beer

    April 25th Restock

    April 25th will see a restock of some 5.5oz candle jars and possibly more 13.5oz jars. 5.5oz jars are hard for me to come by at the moment because my suppliers keep selling out. This stocking will be smaller than the one on the 15th so I don't run out of jars too fast.  I will also have 2oz body/room sprays restocked for this event.

    Planned scents for 5.5oz candles so far:

    • Doors & Corners (new)
    • The Enchantress
    • Fallen Angel (new)
    • Grace of Castiel
    • Hello Boys
    • J2 Hugs
    • Misha Hugs (new)
    • Like a Ripe Melon on the Sun
    • Through Love All is Possible (new)
    • An Unbirthday Present
    • White Wolf (new)

    Planned scents for 13.5oz candles so far:

    • Tamlin's Tears
    • Through Love All is Possible
    • Fallen Angel
    • Time Travel Brew
    • Wizard Beer
    • Half Witch
    • Another Bleeping Meeting
    • Bibliophile

    I also plan on stocking 3-wick candles in about 3 weeks. Scents will range from fruity to tropical to herby and floral. Some will be new blends and some will be our existing selections. Stay tuned.

    Be well everybody!

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