Shipping Times

If an item is ready to ship, why can it take up to a week to be shipped?

I've received the question a few times lately so I thought it was time for a little blog post to be fully transparent.

Like many small shops, the COVID crisis has changed the way I need to operate. My day went from having my mornings free of kids to have 3 of them in the house everyday with school work. I also would have an amazing assistant 2-3 Fridays a month helping me.  These two changes have significantly cut back the amount of time I have to make items, manage media, work on customer service and pack orders.

The first way to help myself speed things up and keep my mental health in check is changing the shop to only sell what I have made. I used to sell everything made to order. Switching my format has allowed me to manage my work load better.  Once that product is sold, it still needs packed and shipped.

With hours being limited, I can only get a select number of packages packed for our postal worker.  For the most part, I work in the order of which orders are received. Some orders do get pulled and shipped quicker.  For example, if I know I only have 15 minutes left to pack orders, I will pull orders that have one item or are all lip balm. These are usually quick for me to safely pack in a box.

I'm doing my best to keep up with your demand and get things to you quickly and safely.  I appreciate everybody's support and love!

Stay safe and be well,

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