Shipping Times & Summer Weather

Hi Candle Buddies,

I just wanted to let you know that for the next few weeks, our shipping time is going to move from 6-9 business days to 12-16 business days. We will be traveling this week for Sci Fi Valley in Altoona, Pa and will have (more... ugh...) basement construction happening next week. 

For those who are new to the shop, the basement area of my house is where I store inventory and the bulk of my supplies. We've had severe damage over the past year or so due to water leaking and it's required construction and repairs at least once or twice a year. The round of work next week is hopefully that last work I'll have for awhile.  While the construction is going on, we're going to be a lot slower packing orders.  I'm hoping our time frame will move back to the normal window towards the end of the month.

We are now in summer weather so I plan on only shipping orders on Monday & Tuesdays. This will prevent boxes from sitting in hot trucks and warehouses over the weekend (for the most part).  We also recommend making sure you have a cool, shaded place for boxes to be delivered.  If you don't have one but have an alternate address to have your packages shipped to (like a business address), be sure to change the mailing address at check out. 

We will not be using the cool packs this year like we did last year.  We found that they thawed within 24 hours so they ended up just adding more to your shipping costs with little return.  

As always, our emails are open if you have any questions.

All the best,

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