Shop Updates: Customs, Discontinued Lines & You're Amazing

Before things get crazy with my busiest months of the year, I wanted to give everybody some updates.

The first thing I want to talk about product lines since I’ve already been asked a few times about them (specifically wax melts and customs). 

When the pandemic hit and conventions were cancelled, I anticipated the shops growth would stagger. I was 100% wrong. You all have thrown a huge amount of support to me between shopping and sharing with your friends. At this point of the year, I’ve outsold all of last year with three months to go. My mind is boggled and blown and I am eternally grateful to everybody.

That being said, there is a ‘negative’ to the shop blowing up in popularity. Time. I am to the point that I am trying to work full time on part time hours. It’s really not sustainable. To keep the shop stocked, I have to allocate my time to the area that is most profitable and that’s ready to ship candles, sprays and lip products. Those are my top three categories. This has come to the detriment of other product lines that I know some of you really enjoy.

Unfortunately, I am going to have to halt custom blends for the foreseeable future. Once my son is in kindergarten (next school year), assuming things are normal, I can bring them back because I’ll have more than 3 hours a day to work.

Diffuser oils and holders are being discontinued. This line is my lowest seller and I just haven’t the time to maintain it properly. Right now, they’re on sale in the shop until the supplies run out.

Wax melts will not be discontinued; however, they are not going to update as often as candles. They take me more time and table space than candles do for less return on value. 

5.5oz jars have been hard for me to find on and off. I keep having to use alternate suppliers who have higher prices. I don’t want to raise costs on this size candle because it then falls into the same price range as the 7.5oz. That's just silly. I will be discontinuing them this year to make way for 4 or 5oz candle tins. This is going to help bring down shipping costs for some of you as well since tins are lighter. I am hoping to have this switch completed by November; however, it might be early 2021 at this rate.

As for the upcoming season, I will be posting a survey in early October for everybody to fill out. The survey will help me plan what scents to stock in November for the Christmas season. I will do my best to have new candles stocked every Monday during November with a huge stocking on Black Friday weekend. This may change based on time.  There will also be ready to ship gift sets for the Holidays as well including those coveted Clue candles.

Thanks for your patience and everybody’s understanding. I’ve had to adjust the shop a few times this year to compensate for all the changes and you’re truly wonderful for keeping up with me.

All the best,

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