Small Restock 1/10/21

I hope the new year is treating everybody well so far!

To try and get the stock less bare bones, I am going to do one mini restock on Sunday, January 10th at 12:00 PM.  It will also be the opening of our Wineglass & Candle preorder sets.

Wax Melts Stocking:

  • Don't Let the Hard Days Win (lemongrass apple sage)
  • Tamlin's Tears (cassis, coconut, apple, jasmine, gardenia, orange, sandalwood, tonka bean)
  • Bibliophile (cedar, book paper, brewed tea, lilac, lavender)
  • Yennefer (gooseberry lilac)
  • Demon's Blood (blood orange)
  • Wizard Beer (butterscotch cream soda)
  • Moira (orange blossom champagne)
  • Geralt (amber, bergamot, citrus, balsam, cedar, sandalwood and rosewood)
  • Winter Soldier (holly berry, raspberry, icy air, mint, poinsettia, pine, fir)
  • Get This Man a Shield (amber bay musk)

Body/Room Sprays Stocking:

  • Hmmm Fuck (clove honey bonfire metal peppercorn)
  • Dean's Baby (leather cedar wood old spice vanilla)
  • Misha Hugs (dirt sweet grass cedar wood)
  • Morrigan (Passion flower, red currant, mandarin, acai berries, plumeria, jasmine, amber, orange blossom)
  • Yennefer's Orgy (salt gooseberry apple oak)
  • Jamie (rain oakmoss whiskey)
  • Bibliophile (cedar, book paper, brewed tea, lilac, lavender)
  • Bookish (tea and apple)
  • Enchantress (black currant, smoked blackberry, merlot, tobacco flower, sandalwood, cedar, jasmine, amber, patchouli)
  • Geralt (amber, bergamot, citrus, balsam, cedar, sandalwood and rosewood)
  • Hunter's Uniform (bergamot, mahogany, musk)
  • Get This Man a Shield (amber bay musk)
  • Starfall (almond flower, lemon zest, spiced vanilla, cashmere, musk and amber)
  • Young Scrappy Hungry (cherrywood, raspberry, vanilla and tobacco)
  • J2 Hugs (citrus, pachouli, cedar, vetiver, labdanum, peppercorn, ginger, jasmine, aquatic marine, peppermint, frankincense)
  • Rose Apothecary (coffee earl grey cedar wood garden mint)
  • Dean (black pepper, cardamom, clove, citrus, leather, frankincense, sandalwood and musk)
  • Hecate (new blend - yew bushes, ligonberry, apple, lemon, balsam, cinnamon, clove, cedarwood, mountain air, and musk)
  • Tea & Autopsies (lemon curd pine metal earl grey)
  • Aziraphale (almond earl grey apple)
  • Briar Rose (Bulgarian rose, bergamot, pomegranate, white musk, cannabis accord, jasmine, dark chocolate, patchouli and oolong tea)
  • Hades (pomegranate, fresh water, bonfire)
  • Persephone (pomegranate mint)
  • Odin (fresh greens, dirt, garden floral, citrus, vanilla and musk)
  • Zeus (new blend -cypress, cassis, fresh greens, ambergris, and dried tobacco)

After this mini restock, we will be moving to a monthly restock format to help some power shoppers save on shipping costs by placing one larger order rather than mini orders through the month.  Restocks will fall near the end of the month with our next one being 1/29/21.

The Wineglass & Candle preorder mirrors the event we held last year. Bespoken Curiosities will be making wine glasses sealed with glitter and a fandom symbol to match with our offering of fandom candles. The themes will be Star Wars, The Expanse, Supernatural and Outlander. I will post more information on our social media feeds later in the week.

Keep being amazing,

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  • Tina Ross

    This is AWESOME, THANK YOU!!

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