Supernatural Nashville

Hello to our fellow SPN Family!

If you're headed to Supernatural Nashville this week, we'll see you in the vendor room.  Here's our scent menu for the week:

  • Bitch (whiskey cherry pie)
  • Blackbeard (teakwood leather)
  • Carry On My Wayward Son (bourbon vanilla coffee)
  • Dean (black pepper cardamom musk)
  • Dean's Baby (leather old spice cedar vanilla)
  • Demon Blood (blood orange)
  • Gentleman Pirate (rum orange cake earl grey)
  • Gotham (whiskey cognac wine cedar)
  • Grace fo Castiel (sweet grass violet chrysanthemum vanilla)
  • Hellfire (spiced cranberry)
  • I Found a Liquor Store and I Drank It (rum butterscotch bourbon brown sugar)
  • I'll Fudging Kill Ya (fudge hot chocolate)
  • J2 Hugs (citron patchouli musk)
  • Jared (cedar musk sandalwood)
  • Jensen (tobacco leaf spices vanilla)
  • Jerk (bourbon rum raisin plum)
  • King of Hell (cherry chocolate)
  • Make You Some Apple Pie, Maybe? (apple pie moonshine) *2022 convention exclusive*
  • Queen of Hell (pomegranate juniper)
  • Sam (pine vanilla)
  • Soldier Boy (oakmoss leather black currant)
  • Supernatural (black currant patchouli lavender)

All blends will come in our 6.5oz candle tins but some will be available in 13oz jars, sprays, aroma beads, soap, and wax brittle.

See you then!

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