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We wanted to give you a run down of scents coming and going over the next few months since there are quite a few. Retiring Seasonal & Discontinued Blends Seasonal Retiring Scents (will return next year): April 30 - Lady of the Winter Court  May 31 - Beating of His Hideous Heart, Dawn Court Morning, Last Queen of Luna, Queen of Moons, Spring Court Spy, True Loves Kiss, Vampire Kiss Permanently Retiring Scents: May 31 - 221 B Baker Street, Assbutt, Defying Gravity, Howl at the Moon, Mystery & Macabre, Snow Girl Trouble, Strange & Unusual, The Most Loyal, Vervain,...

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As promised, solid perfume sticks are now available in the shop here.  I wanted to write a post for you to give you more information on what exactly they are since many of you have never used one. For some background, as many of you know I used to carry roller ball perfume in the shop (and do offer it on clearance until supplies run out). While a percentage of you loved the roller balls, I found them to be too problematic. From a business stand point, rollers had the highest defect rate of any of our products due to...

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There's a lot so take a seat and grab some popcorn while you read.   NEW WEBSITE (In case you missed it) - I've moved the shop to Shopify which will be much easier for me to manage since we are a growing shop. All new scents for Feb are online. If you see anything goofy on the new website, let me know! I'm only one person managing the huge site migration. FEBRUARY SCENT SAMPLER - Not sure what scents you'll like this month? I will now offer a tea light sampler for the monthly blends. Discount codes cannot be...

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