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There will be another wave of scent retirements at the end of June to help accommodate our constantly changing product line and audience.   Here's a list of all blends retiring but will potentially be seasonal: Asgard's Finest Mead Autumn in the Hollow Psych You Out Salem You Know That's Right Here's a list of blends retiring but may show up again at conventions or limited events: Atlantis Baby Cas Balls! Cas' PB&J God Hugs Grace of Gabe I Will Never Be Weak Again Just As Sane As You Are Ketch-able Mamoa Tea with Minerva The Colt The Game is...

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At Sci-Fi Valley Con, David Haydn-Jones signed three candle jars to pay it forward and give back to the fandom artist community. I want to continue the chain and pay it forward because that's what SPNFamily is about! My goal is to try to raise as much for charity as we can through this unique event. The Prize:  We will draw 3 random winners to receive one 7.5oz signed candle jar. There are two of the Ketch-able and one of the Headshot candles. For every $200 raised, I will add a $20 shop credit as a prize (up to 3). Achievement 1: Raise...

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There's a lot so take a seat and grab some popcorn while you read.   NEW WEBSITE (In case you missed it) - I've moved the shop to Shopify which will be much easier for me to manage since we are a growing shop. All new scents for Feb are online. If you see anything goofy on the new website, let me know! I'm only one person managing the huge site migration. FEBRUARY SCENT SAMPLER - Not sure what scents you'll like this month? I will now offer a tea light sampler for the monthly blends. Discount codes cannot be...

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