Upcoming Dates Scents Releasing & Retiring

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Upcoming Dates Scents Releasing & Retiring

We wanted to give you a run down of scents coming and going over the next few months since there are quite a few.

Retiring Seasonal & Discontinued Blends

Seasonal Retiring Scents (will return next year):

April 30 - Lady of the Winter Court 

May 31 - Beating of His Hideous Heart, Dawn Court Morning, Last Queen of Luna, Queen of Moons, Spring Court Spy, True Loves Kiss, Vampire Kiss

Permanently Retiring Scents:

May 31 - 221 B Baker Street, Assbutt, Defying Gravity, Howl at the Moon, Mystery & Macabre, Snow Girl Trouble, Strange & Unusual, The Most Loyal, Vervain, Wine Sparkled In His Eyes, Wizard Celebration

New Blend Preview

Coming on May 10th -

  • Ditchable Prom Date (raspberry, rum, sangria) -including a lip balm
  • Titania (honeysuckle, nectar, lemon, apricot) - coming in a perfume stick too
  • The Last Rainforest (coconut, peach, grapefruit, mango)
  • A Day in the Summer Court (strawberry sandalwood)
  • Winnowing (anise, mint, tea, fennel)
  • Blue Fairy Dust (raspberry lilac)
  • Fire Breathing Bitch Queen (lemon verbena, charcoal, tonka, bonfire)
  • Impressive Wingspan (dew ozone rain drop exotic herbs grass)
  • God Hugs (vanilla, vetiver, sandalwood) - coming in a perfume stick too
  • I am a Winchester (birch, smoke, marshmallow) - coming in a perfume stick too
  • Fight the Fairies Lip Sheer

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