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This 4oz bar of bar of soap was blended to be similar to our Dean's Baby blend with a mix of cedar wood, leather, old spice and vanilla.  

Ingredients: honey, essential oil, fragrance, safflower oil, palm oil, coconut oil, vegetable glycerin, water, mica. Phthalate free. Mica powder is used for shine and sparkle in the soap; however, it won't leave you or your bath tub a colorful mess.  It all dissolves away into the tub.

 Our soap line is formulated for us by Dragonsworn Cosmetics.  Each blend has been inspired by our candle scents and colors. You may find some of the soaps are exactly the same as the candle and some have a slight variation due to the nature of creating scents in two different mediums.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Laura Frovarp

Absolutely love this soap, it smells fantastic and leaves my skin feeling great! Would absolutely recommend a million times over!

Stephanie T.
Engulfed in bliss

Walked around for like an hour sniffing the bar, still wrapped.
Go back every other day unearth it from between my clothes and give it a little smell.
You feel like You are in the Impala . Love, love , love.
Whenever I get another one, I might actually use it as intended. Lol