Blood Witch (Made to Order)

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Our favorite Dame Rouge smells sweet and spicy in our minds. Inspired by Serpent & Dove.

Blend: vanilla, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, butter, sugar, tonka 
Scent Notes: warm, sweet, spicy

Made-to-Order items process in up to 6-8 weeks. We try to create MTO items faster than this; however, wait time varies based on season and order load. We pour MTO items in batches by item type so your order will go into queue for our next pour. Please see banner at the top of our website for our current processing times.

Candle Information
‣Hand poured, paraffin-soy wax with paraben and phthalate free fragrances.
‣Wood wicked candle for a clean burn and soothing crackle.
‣Small batch made.  You may have slight variances in scent.  Dye and glitter patterns will be unique in each jar. 
‣Average Burn time: 6.5oz (40+ hours), 13oz (70+)
‣Sample wax melt cups come in a mini sample cup with approximately .07-.09oz of wax. To keep their cost low, they do not have decorative packaging and labeling.
Learn more about candle care and safety

Room & Body Spray Information
Our sprays have multipurpose use. They can be used as a body, room or linen spray. Made with a witch hazel, distilled water, and fragrance oil. Learn More >>

Diffuser Oil Information
‣ You will receive .5oz oil in a glass dropper bottle.
‣ To purchase other diffuser and aroma accessories, please visit our Aroma & Diffuser collection.
‣The oil in the set is highly concentrated.  It is not intended for use on your body.  Use our sprays or solid perfume for use on skin.

Customer Reviews

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Melinda Dawson
I adore this

I'm a sucker for anything with vanilla, clove, or cinnamon and this has all three. It gives my room such a sweet smell. I got the oil diffuser scent, but I eventually want to get the candle too.

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Spike Skittles

Such a pleasant, warm, vanilla scent! The extra scent notes are perfectly added to create a scent that relaxes you and makes you feel like you kind of want to stir up some trouble.. the fun kind of course ;)