Boyfriend Hoodie Spray, Santal Cedar Wood Vanilla

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Like a lingering scent on a stolen piece of clothing.

Blend: white santal, cedarwood, vanilla bean, bergamot, sandalwood
Scent Notes: warm, woody, musky, masculine

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Customer Reviews

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Kathleen Lambert

This scent is the epitome of comfort!! It reminds me of all the times my husband and I went out (when we first started dating) and I’d tell him I was cold and he’d give me his sweatshirt or jacket. This scent sends me back to those times because it smells exactly how I remember his sweatshirts/jackets smelled! This is also a perfect end of summer/fall/winter scent!!

Boyfriend hoodie spray

I cannot express how much I LOVE this spray!! It is the epitome of a boyfriend's hoodie scent. A warm, woody, masculine scent that is so cozy I spray my hoodies with it when I wear them! 🥰