Micah's Vacuumed Ashes Candle, Fireplace Cinnamon Tonka

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Sometimes there is a scene in a book where we just HAVE to make a candle for it. If you read Crescent City 1, then you know what we're talking about. (Please note: This blend has been slightly reformulated as of 12/6/22 due to a supplier issue.)

Blend: crackling fireplace, cinnamon, cinnamon leaf, tonka bean
Scent Notes: warm, spicy
‣Shop Note: This is a regularly stocked candle. It will restock every 2-3 months based on demand.

Ready-to-ship item. Shop announcement has expected processing time.

‣Hand poured, paraffin-soy wax with paraben and phthalate free fragrances.
‣Wood wicked candle for a clean burn and soothing crackle.
‣Small batch made.  You may have slight variances in scent.  Dye and glitter patterns will be unique in each jar. 
‣Average Burn time: 6.5oz (40+ hours), 13oz (70+)
‣Sample wax melt cups come in a mini sample cup with approximately .07-.09oz of wax. To keep their cost low, they do not have decorative packaging and labeling.
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Customer Reviews

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Love it

Love the scent, love showing it off to all my friends who are also SJM fans

So good!

This candle is an absolute delight. The scent, the crackling wick...all so good.

Michelle bennett
Ashes to ashes

I never knew that ashes of an angel? Could smell so good!!! And also bc shooting and setting someone on fire sometimes just isn't enough. Ya gotta clean up ur mess with the vacuum.