Roller Ball Perfume

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We are bringing back roller perfume for the final time! Once these sell out, rollers will not return to the shop.

Made with coconut oil and fragrance. Comes in 10ML bottles.  

Scent Descriptions:

If your scent does not display in the drop down, it currently sold out.

Briar Rose
rose bergamot pomegranate
black pepper, cardamom, clove, citrus, leather
Don't Let the Hard Days Win
lemongrass apple sage
bonfire, open waters, pomegranate
Go to Sleep lavender, juniper, sage
whiskey, rain, oak moss
J2 Hug
citrus patchouli cedar
Lord & Lady of the Night
sea air, citrus, earl grey, apple
Through Love All is Possible
nutmeg lilac
gooseberry lilac
Timey Wimey
apple lily rose musk
Healing Witch coriander, rosewood, sandalwood
Dragon's Blood patchouli, carnation, rose, vanilla, orange