Coming Soon: Anne Rice Immortal Universe

Are you ready, creatures of the night?! Our Anne Rice candle collection arrives June 12th at 8PM CST.  We’ll release six IWTV blends and one for Mayfair Witches.  

Each candle will be available in a special edition 8oz glass jar and will retail for $25.99.

Blend Information:

  • Interview With the Vampire: red berries, jasmine, plum, black musk
  • Lestat De Lioncourt: woods, musk, lavender, lily, jasmine
  • Louis De Pointe Du Lac: cedar, musk, oud, fig, leaves
  • Claudia: lilac, juniper, lemon, basil, water
  • Armand: bergamot, coriander, sandalwood, patchouli, musk
  • Theatre Des Vampires: rosewood, citrus, neroli, cedar, cardamom
  • Mayfair Witches: sandalwood, tonka bean, lavender, citrus blossom


At this time, we will only be offering these blends in candles.  We may introduce sprays and diffuser oil based on requests and sales.

All blends are officially licensed. 
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