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4oz Room & Body Sprays - All Year Blends

4oz Room & Body Sprays - All Year Blends

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This listing is for our current selection of room & body sprays.  Every 2-3 months additional stock will be added.  This listing is for all year blends.  If there are scents you'd like added to future restocks, use the link above to go to our restock requests page.

Stock list was last updated 7/3/24.

Blend Name Theme Description
Good Omens almond, earl grey, apple
Bookish cedar, book paper, brewed tea, lilac, lavender
Supernatural whiskey cherry pie
Captain Hook
Peter Pan bay rum and sea air
Darkling Grishaverse spiced patchouli, fern, sandalwood, rose, vanilla, musk
Eros Mythology strawberry macarons, whipped cream
Hades Mythology bonfire, open waters, pomegranate
Hecate Mythology yew bushes, ligonberry, apple, lemon, balsam, cinnamon, clove, cedar wood, mountain air, and musk
Hunter's Uniform Supernatural bergamot, mahogany, musk
I am a Winchester Supernatural white birch, gunsmoke and toasted, sweet marshmallow
I Found a Liquor Store and I Drank It Supernatural bourbon, brown sugar, butterscotch, rum
J2 Hugs Supernatural citrus, patchouli, cedar, vetiver, labdanum, peppercorn, ginger, jasmine, aquatic marine, peppermint, frankincense
Jensen Supernatural tobacco leaf, vanilla, spice, cacao, dried fruit, woods
King of Hell Supernatural/Lucifer/Others chocolate, cherry
Lab Accident Science fruity cereal and toasted marshmallow
Loki Mythology bergamot, citrus, amber, oakmoss and cashmere woods
Lord & Lady of the Night ACOTAR citrus, sea air, earl grey, apple
Master of Puppets Music oak moss, cedar, amber, patchouli, peppercorn, citrus
Medusa Mythology marine air, sea weed, amber, water lily, lotus, iris, violet, salt, musk
Misha Hugs Supernatural cedar wood, sweet grass, garden dirt
Nevermore Edgar Allan Poe blackberry, chocolate
Only One Bed Book Tropes rosewood, cedar, clove, vetiver, amber
Oscar Thirst Trap oud, bergamot, smoke
Overdue Library Book Bookish book paper, leather, teakwood, sandalwood, dark musk, cedar, patchouli
Pedro Thirst Trap musk, woods, ambergris, leather, jasmine, spice
Shadow Daddy Book Tropes bergamot, clove, leather, oak, coriander
Supernatural Supernatural black currant, patchouli, lavender and vanilla
White Wolf Witcher/Throne of Glass metal, charcoal, rosewood, musk, tonka bean
Yennefer Witcher gooseberries, lilac


Room & Body Spray Information
Our sprays have multipurpose use. They can be used as a body, room or linen spray. Made with a witch hazel, distilled water, and fragrance oil. Learn More >>


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