Thriller & Suspense Aroma Beads, White Pumpkin Clove

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Our aroma bead & oil sets come with 1.5oz of ceramic beads and .5oz of concentrated fragrance oil.

Blend: white pumpkin, clove
Scent Notes: earthy, spicy

Ready-to-ship item. Shop announcement has expected processing time.

‣Drop up to 1/4 oz oil on aroma beads. We suggest starting small with doses and work your way up. We put our beads in a glass dish when mixing so the oil doesn't drip through the bag.
‣Beads can be returned to bag once the oil dries or put in other containers like glass dishes or warmers.
Can be used in your car, bags, drawers and other areas than need scenting. 
Scent can last several months based on how warm they get.
‣Soak beads in rubbing alcohol if you want to reuse and switch to a different scent.
‣The oil in the set is highly concentrated.  It is not intended for use on your body.  Use our sprays or solid perfume for this.

Customer Reviews

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Michelle bennett
Great prize

I got this in a mystery box for a prize at work. My co worker put down peach as a fav scent and another wrote Clove. So I thought she would get it but the one with the peach picked this up sniffed it and said "omg I love clove" and took it. After smelling it with her it made me rethink my aversion to pumpkin also bc I really like it.