Christmastown 8oz Mineral Bath Soak

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We love the joy of our favorite Pumpkin King discovered Christmas for the first time.

‣Blend: hot cocoa, sugar cookies, candy cane
‣Scent Notes: sweet, warm, minty

You will receive approximately 8oz of product in this jar. Jar are filled by weight and not volume.

Directions: Use 1–4 tablespoons per bath. Add to bath when water is running to dissolve completely.

Ingredients: Epsom salt, Sea Salt, Dendritic salt, and fragrance oil

Warnings: Not for internal consumption. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Customer Reviews

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Big Deezy
Ho Ho Ho & A Bottle of This Forever!

Hi yes hello I love this and I will screech about it from the rooftops as long as my little lungs will let me.

I have sensitive skin, so I have to be selective with what I use with all products--lotions, body wash, sprays, bath bombs, the whole shebang. I bought this bath soak and as soon as I got out of the first bath, I ordered more. The scent was AMAZING. The minerals hit the water and immediately it smelled like cocoa and peppermint, and when I got out of the bath and finished my routine, my skin was insanely soft.

It didn't fix any problems (and I wasn't expecting it to--they're not medical grade pharmaceuticals after all), but even now, days after, it hasn't caused any outbreaks or dryness or red spots. And that right there is what sold me. Now I have three more scents to try, and bath night is about to be every night!