Dean's Baby Spray, Leather Old Spice Cedar Wood

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With this blend, we wanted to create the feeling of driving in an Impala with your favorite supernatural hunter.

Blend: leather, old spice, vanilla bean, cedar wood... and lots of adventures on the road so far
Scent Notes: masculine, woodsy, warm
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sarah Austin
Sooooooooo Good!!!

it just smells so good......warm and inviting

Jo Davies
A warm hug

There is a sweetness in this scent that mixed with the leather is comforting with a touch of mystery. I love spraying it everywhere in my home and on me!

Ashley Jackson
Smells like a hug from Dean

Love this spray. It's not too "masculine" smelling for me to wear but it smells comforting and sweet. I use this spray the most and might be due for a new one soon.


Not too strong but just enough that it’s a go-to for comfort. It’s there if you need it. Highly recommend. Will buy more.

Warm and Comforting

This is the first scent I ever purchased, originally in a wax melt. The spray is even better, because I can fill my space with it nicely, or wear it close if I want. The combination is just so warm and comforting, I really love it!