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Would you like to wear one of our scents in your diffuser necklace or while you're journeying in your car? This listing is for one 1ml or 2ml vial of diffuser oil.

Made with coconut oil and fragrance.  Only intended for oil diffusers.  Do not use as a perfume.

Scent Descriptions:

If your scent does not display in the drop down, it currently sold out.

America's Ass cherry vanilla apple pie
cotton candy
Briar Rose
rose bergamot pomegranate
Dean's Baby
leather cedar wood old spice vanilla
Don't Let the Hard Days Win
lemongrass apple sage
Fallen Angel
raid cedar wood
Grace of Castiel
chrysanthemum violet sweetgrass vanilla
Green Gables
cherry blossom
Grey Witch marine, citrus, ozone, metal
Hmmm Fuck
honey clove peppercorn metal bonfire
J2 Hug
citrus patchouli cedar
Phoenix Feathers
orange cinnamon clove
White Wolf rosewood musk metal charcoal tonka bean
World's Worst Dad
coffee vanilla
Yennefer gooseberry lilac