Draco 8oz Mineral Bath Soak

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Formerly named "My Father Will Hear About This", we wanted to make you pucker your face like your best rival bested you. You know that scowl that I'm talking about.

Blend: Macintosh apple, spiced citrus and a scowl for days
Scent Notes: sour, citrus, spicy

You will receive approximately 8oz of product in this jar. Jar are filled by weight and not volume.

Directions: Use 1–4 tablespoons per bath. Add to bath when water is running to dissolve completely.

Ingredients: Epsom salt, Sea Salt, Dendritic salt, and fragrance oil

Warnings: Not for internal consumption. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Customer Reviews

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Lightly Scented

This smells great in the container-just like the candle. But when I follow the instructions for my bat, tit is only lightly scented. But that scent is nice and the salts create a relaxing soak.