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LAST RUN: Huntsman Candle, Flannel Leaves Musk

LAST RUN: Huntsman Candle, Flannel Leaves Musk

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Whether it's from fairy tales, YA books or your favorite monster hunters, a huntsman will always smell like a good romp in the woods to us.

Blend: fresh air, flannel, leaves, musk, vanilla with notes of lemon peel, honeysuckle, violet and woods
Scent Notes: clean, woody, musky, masculine
‣Shop Note: This is a retiring scent.  It will be removed from the website once all supplies are used.

Ready-to-ship item. Shop announcement has expected processing time.

‣Hand poured, paraffin-soy wax with paraben and phthalate free fragrances.
‣Wood wicked candle for a clean burn and soothing crackle.
‣Small batch made.  You may have slight variances in scent.  Dye and glitter patterns will be unique in each jar. 
‣Average Burn time: 6.5oz (40+ hours), 13oz (70+)
‣Sample wax melt cups come in a mini sample cup with approximately .07-.09oz of wax. To keep their cost low, they do not have decorative packaging and labeling.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

The blend of scents is perfect!! I will definitely be ordering again!


I LOVE this scent! It's a wonderfully clean,warm, masculine scent good for burning on rainy days and cuddled up in a blanket. Fantastic scent!

Great Woodsy Smelling Candle

Great candle to light on a grey day and just drift away into the woods. So good I ordered a new one already to make sure I had another before the first ran out.

Lacey Smothers
Smells like a sexy, but kind lumberjack

Seriously this smells magnificent. It's so woodsy and manly and delicious but also sort of soft and cozy. It smells like the kind of man who builds you a house and then a puppy and makes you tea at the end of the day.