Yennefer Candle, Gooseberries Lilac

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We wanted to create a blend that is tart, sweet and floral... and came straight out of a book.

Blend: gooseberries, lilac
Scent Notes: sweet, floral
‣Shop Note: This is a regular stock blend. It will restock every 1-2 months.

Ready-to-ship item. Shop announcement has expected processing time.

‣Hand poured, paraffin-soy wax with paraben and phthalate free fragrances.
‣Wood wicked candle for a clean burn and soothing crackle.
Small batch made so you may see some slight variances in color, glitter and scent. 
Average Burn time: 4oz (20+ hours), 7.5oz (40+ hours), 9oz (50+ hours), 13.5oz (70+)
Ideally 4oz and 7.5oz candles are most useful in small sized rooms. 9oz and 13.5oz can be effective in medium-large size rooms.
Learn more about candle care and safety

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Angie Shields
So pretty!

Lilac and berries is such a beautiful combination! I am going to definitely have to try the sexier Yennefer's Orgy scent!

Felicia Kerkes
Yennefer's candle

I absolutely love the smell it's not overwhelming but has a aroma that stays in the room for while it's a sweet smell. The crackling is so soothing also.

My house no longer smells like dog butts and boys

These candles are simply... amazing. I LOVE how they look, the blended colors and sparkles, they are like art. The scents, though... by god, the scents! Not overly perfumey, some strongly scented candles can give off the old lady perfume vibe (that’s been on a bathroom counter for 35 years), or pungent man spray scent that makes the air almost chewable, it hangs so heavy. Or those fake plastic fruit smells that ooze toxins you can feel
crawl into pores. Not these babies! They artfully float throughout my home, singlehandedly wrestling down the odiferous smog that comes from 3 young men’s rooms. (And shoes). And dog farts stand zero chance to cut through the magnificence of the aura of these candles.
Oh, as I’m a sucker for marketing. I’ve bought some of these candles just because of their names. And I’ve yet to be disappointed. Bravo!!!!

Oh, and for this particular candle? Perfection. I love lilacs! And it truly smells like a lilac bush- natural! And there is some layered sweetness in there to add to the beauty. Honestly, the scent seems to change a bit as it burns, sometimes the sweetness of the berries will come through more and other times it’s the stronger lilac. Could be me? Anyway, I absolutely love this blend.


I just burned this candle for the first time today and it is a wonderful scent. The wood wick adds to it with the crackling sounds it makes as it burns. I hope the large jars become available again in the future. I would gladly purchase this scent again.