May the 4th Preview

May the 4th is coming! That means our seasonal mix of rebels and nerfherders comes back to the shop.  This year here is what will be launched on May 4th at 10am CST.

  • Resistance (raspberry lemon)
  • Rebel Scum (gunmetal, ozone, citrus, cumin)
  • Anakin *new* (metal ozone musk)
  • Bad Batch *new* (apple yuzu sandalwood)
  • High Ground (rock candy pipe smoke)
  • I am no Jedi (leather sugar vanilla)
  • I Don't Like Sand (coconut, marine, shea butter, driftwood)
  • Oscar (oud bergamot smoke)
  • Padme *new* (peony sea mist)
  • Pedro (musk woods ambergris spice)
  • The Child (vanilla lime peach tea)
  • This is the Way (ozone cinnamon charcoal tonka)

As of now, these will only be available in candles and the stock is limited.  I am hoping to get sprays made of a few of these before Saturday, but time is always short in the land of Serpent & Flame.  As always, I will do my best.

Have a great week, everyone!  Hope to see some of you at DePal this weekend for the Star Wars conference.


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