April Restock

Hello candle friends!

This month is going to be a weird one for restocks.  Since our May the 4th restock is next Wednesday, we won't have as much on Friday in way of candles.  I will be working on restocking soaks and sprays this week so stay tuned for a listing of what will be added.  

Here is what we have so far for Friday at 7PM CST and then I'll write another blog post this week for May the 4th.

13oz Candles:

  • Mothman (rice crispie treat)
  • Wand Shop (mahogany teakwood)
  • Draco (spiced citrus apple)
  • Prophecy & Predictions (vetiver, tobacco, patchouli), new
  • Cthulhu (berry bergamot vines)
  • Lucifer Morningstar (fennel bergamot vanilla spice)
  • My Little Heathen (sticky buns)
  • Dark Fairy (Juniper Red Currant Pine)
  • Mother of Dragons (Burnt Sugar Currants Bread)
  • Dean (Black Pepper Cardamom Clove)

6.5oz Candles:

  • Wand Shop (mahogany teakwood)
  • Draco (spiced citrus apple)
  • Prophecy & Predictions (vetiver, tobacco, patchouli), new
  • Lucifer Morningstar (fennel bergamot vanilla spice)
  • Dark Fairy (Juniper Red Currant Pine)
  • Dean (Black Pepper Cardamom Clove)
  • Kidnapped Princess (margarita peach basil)
  • Morpheus (lavender cedar wood)
  • May All Your Bacon Burn (maple french toast)
  • Time Travel Brew (chocolate caramel coffee)
  • Carry On My Wayward Son (vanilla bourbon coffee)
  • Supernatural (black currant patchouli)
  • So Get This (pomegranate)
  • Level Up (goji berry & hemp)

Lip Sheer:

  • Calliope, orange gold shimmer
  • Loki, light gold shimmer (was our Glorious Purpose color)
  • Bast, dark gold shimmer
  • Gaia, bronze shimmer (similar to Oh My Chuck)
  • Brighid, pink shimmer
  • Lillith, light purple shimmer (similar to Grace of Lucifer)
  • Morrigan, red mauve shimmer (our old Evil Queen color)
  • Medusa, patina gold shimmer (making a return)

Wax Warmers:  We'll have a selection of new candle warmers and wax melt dishes available.

Wax Brittle: I'll have a select batch of wax brittle available for the first time.  Expect to see more in the coming months.

  • Aziraphale
  • Captain Hook
  • Carry On My Wayward Son
  • Catgirl
  • Crowley
  • Dice are Trying to Kill Me
  • Holmes & Watson
  • Wayward
  • Whodunnit?
  • You're Entirely Bonkers
  • Bitch
  • Hmm Fuck
  • Hedge Witch
  • We Don't Talk About Candles

Bath Soaks 8oz Jars:

  • Dean's Baby (old spice, cedar wood, leather, vanilla)
  • Blood of My Enemies (blood orange martini)
  • Lord & Lady of the Night (citrus, earl grey, apple, sea air)
  • Geralt (amber bergamot balsam)
  • Hmm Fuck (honey clove metal bonfire peppercorn)
  • Yennefer (gooseberry lilac)
  • Captain Hook (sea air bay rum)
  • Draco (spiced citrus apple)
  • Fantasy (red currant sandalwood)
  • Fraser's Fridge (elderberry strawberry pine)
  • J2 Hugs (citrus patchouli cedar)
  • Tamlin's Tears (cassis coconut apple jasmine)
  • Boyfriend Hoodie (white santal cedar wood vanilla)
  • Don't Let the Hard Days Win (sage apple lemongrass)
  • Misha Hugs (sweet grass, cedar wood, dirt)
  • Science Fiction (pear honeydew chamomile)
  • Dawn Court (elderflower moss)
  • Hedge Witch (greens coriander jasmine)
  • Persephone (pomegranate mint)
  • Athena (olive branches, vanilla, musk)

We'll also be adding a bunch of stock Friday to our clearance item listing.

I'll keep this updated as I go.  I hope you all have a fabulous week.


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