About Us

Our Mission 

Our mission is to bring joy to others through olfactory senses (while celebrating being the unique beings that we all are). 

Life is evolution. Life is learning about yourself and from each other on our own individual journey.  The mission of this shop has changed over the years as I have changed as a person. Serpent & Flame started as a hobby (42 Nerdtastic Place): something to do to fill time and to celebrate being a nerd. Thanks to the inspiration, knowledge and passion you all have given me, I've learned more about myself and what my ultimate goal is with the shop. The goal? Simply put, to bring joy.

Through your stories over the years, you made me realize that you are the reason I do this. I've be told stories of our products bringing comfort through hard times, being an inspiration in creative times and helping you to be happy thinking about your favorite fandom things.

The fact that I know our products send a few more kernels of happy into the world makes every last hour I put into your products worth it.

Love to you all!
Stay nerdy and stay true to you!



Our History

You know the drill! Once a nerd, always a nerd. Amanda ("Andi") started her love for fandoms like many of you: as child being introduced to the likes of Star Wars, Star Trek and the X-Men and books, books, books. She also has always had a love of artistic and crafty endeavors which has helped created a perfect storm of inspiration, ambition and determination to make art a living.

After moving to the Chicago-land area in 2013, Andi needed a hobby and started putting her designs online.  As interest grew, she started bringing her designs to local comic cons and things took off from there allowing her to quit the corporate world in 2016 and turn Nerdtastic into a full time job.

2017 also brought a small re-naming. "42 Nerdtastic Place" was chosen because it sounded like a place that you would go to celebrate those things you were passionate about. We wanted the feel to be of a place you would go to when shopping for your Hogwarts school list or a place you might go to cozy up to fellow enthusiasts.  To help build community, we also opened our Facebook group to bring like minded individuals together.

2020 has brought us through to another rebrand and a permanent one: "Serpent & Flame". This name is one that is closer to the heart for me and really paves the path for my vision for the shop. Not much is changing aside from our look. This name is just truer to my vision.

Gratitude and Thanks

Thank YOU! This shop is a work of love and passion for those interests that excite us.  Your constant support whether it's at comic cons or on social media keeps things going.  Without you, Andi could not be a work at home mom to three amazing children: Noelle, Livia and Killian.  Time is precious when it comes to kids and we appreciate everything you let us do daily.  These kiddos thank you too.