Charity Items

Here at Serpent & Flame, we believe in kindness, love and charity.  We try to raise funds to help various causes: charity items sold at both our shop and in  person at events.

15% of all sales from our charity designs will be donated.  View all our blends and designs here.

Here's where we stand so far with donations:

2020 Q4 - For the final quarter of the year, we will be helping the Chicago Food Bank, the Night Ministry and Deborah's House. Through these hard times, it's important for us to keep giving what we can to those hit the hardest.

2020 Q3 - Thank you for everybody who helped us raise $214 for charity. We donated half to the Chicago Food Bank and half to help three classrooms on Donors Choose.

2020 Q2 - We will be raising money for the Chicago Food Bank, Campaign Zero and the Night Ministry. Thank you everybody who purchased our charity blends! We were able to raise $350 this quarter which was split evenly between all three of those charities.

2020 Q1 - With your help, we raised $105 for charity this quarter. We donated $35 to the following organizations: Donors Choose "Keep Kids Learning" campaign to help teachers get supplies to kids in lower income areas during the Covid-19 crisis, Deborah's Place (a women's shelter in Chicago) and the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

2019 Q4 - With your help, we raised $127 for charity this quarter.  We were able to donate to these classrooms on Donors Choose: here and here and $50 to the Greater Chicago Food Bank.

2019 Q3 - We raised $50 for RAICES and $57 for Donors Choose to help fund these classrooms: this one, and this one and this one.

2019 Q2 - With your purchases from our charity collection, we raised $165 this quarter.  We donated $83 to the Autistic Self Advocacy Network and $83 to help fully fund this classroom and this classroom on Donors Choose.

2019 Q1 - With your purchases from our charity collection, we had $75 to allocate to our charities. We donated $25 to Meals on Wheels Chicago and we donated $30 to help fully fund this classroom and this classroom on Donors Choose.

2018 Q4 - We will continue to raise money for classrooms on because we believe in the power of education and know that education is underfunded in many (if not most) states. We will also split our charity donation for Q4 with Deborah's Place (a women's shelter in Chicago). We donated ($100) to help fund this classroom and women at Deborah's Place.

2018 Q3 - With your help, we were able to donate to help these two classrooms on art supplies in Florida and math/reading materials for special needs students. ($72)

2018 Q2 - With your help we were able to donate to Immigrant Families Together and help a classroom from ($108)

2018 Q1 - We will pick a classroom from and help them towards their goal. ($42)

2017 Q4 - Random Acts ($75), Greater Chicago Food Bank ($25)

2017 Q3 - We were originally raising money for the ACLU but with all of the damage done to Puerto Rico, we decided to donate to AmeriCares to help get relief to the people impacted by Hurricane Maria.  Thank you for helping us raise $100.

2017 Q2 -  "The Crib"/The Night Ministry in Chicago ($50)

2017 Jan & Feb - "Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance" ($270) thanks to our Carrie Fisher & Elizabeth Warren designs.  And thanks to you!!

2016 Q4 - To Write Love On Her Arms ($350), Deborah's Place ($350), Greater Chicago Food Bank ($190) thanks to the popularity of the Nasty Women Necklaces

2016 Q3 - Random Acts ($30)

Of course, anybody can tell you anything about what they do with money.  If at any time you would like to see our donation receipts, please contact us and we will be happy to provide them.