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This listing is for our selection of clearance candles.  Candles in this listing may be retiring blends, retiring sizes or the last of our limited run items. Candles will be 30-40% off their regular price.  This listing changes every few months and generally once an item sells out, it will not be made again unless otherwise noted.

Candle sizes vary. Once they sell out, it will not be available again.

Blend Name Fandom Description Status
Prophecy & Predictions Patchouli vetiver tobaccco leaf Retired
Dr Jekyll
cypress citrus amber Retiring
Mr Hyde

coriander olive Retiring
Gunslinger Gunpowder Smoke Leather Retiring
Eye of the Tiger
sandalwood musk caradmom amber Limited Edition
Level Up

hemp goji berry
Jack Frost
pine vanilla cinnamon
I'm Not Even Supposed To Be Here Today Clerks coffee cannabis cherry slush chocolate Retiring
Cereal Killer
fruity rice cereal, a splash of milk and a sugar high Seasonal
Parabatai Mortal Instrumetns sea air amber musk Seasonal
fern wysteria Seasonal
Hedge Witch greens coriander jasmine Seasonal
Hera lily green tea Seasonal
Odette red current wilderness Seasonal
Pemberley Pride & Prejudice lily green tea raspberry Seasonal
Kidnapped Princess
margarita basil peach
Life Finds a Way
Jurassic Park
citronella, woods, mandarin, berry Seasonal
Evil Queen

white chocolate apple
Rebel General
ozone, marine, citrus Seasonal
Karma rosewater Retired


‣Hand poured, paraffin-soy wax with paraben and phthalate free fragrances.
‣Wood wicked candle for a clean burn and soothing crackle.

‣Small batch made.  You may have slight variances in scent.  Dye and glitter patterns will be unique in each jar. 
‣Average Burn time: 6.5oz (40+ hours), 13oz (70+)

‣Sample wax melt cups come in a mini sample cup with approximately .07-.09oz of wax. To keep their cost low, they do not have decorative packaging and labeling.
Learn more about candle care and safety

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