Black Friday Menu Preview

It's that time... as unreal as that seems.  Weren't we just writing about the Summer collection?

Update: Our Black Friday & Small Business Saturday deal will be Buy 3, Get 1 Free on all items in the shop.  Sunday and Cyber Monday will be 10% off all regular priced items.

Here's what is on the Black Friday menu so far for ready to stock items (and this list will grow over the next week).

6.5oz Candle Tins

  • Books on My Wishlist (cranberry pomegranate orange)
  • Winter Witch (apple iced wine) - Last Run
  • Christmastown (candy cane hot chocolate cookies)
  • Snow Queen (air jasmine musk)
  • Hallmark Christmas Movie (snickerdoodle sugar cookies)
  • Winter is Coming (mint oak moss peppercorn)
  • Winter Soldier (ozone holly berry mint)
  • Throne of Lies (chai bourbon brown sugar)
  • Main Street Christmas (gingerbread vanilla)
  • May All Your Bacon Burn (maple bacon french toast)
  • Twisted & Salty (hot pretzel)
  • Wibbly Wobbly (citrus gin tonic)
  • Harvest Moon (apple)
  • Variant (cinnamon Irish Cream coffee)
  • I Found a Liquor Store & I Drank It (bourbon rum brown sugar butterscotch)
  • Lab Accident (fruit loop marshmallow)
  • King of Hell (chocolate cherry)
  • Misha Hugs (dirt sweet grass cedar)
  • Jerk (bourbon soaked raisins)
  • Hellfire (spiced cranberry)
  • Fallen Angel (rain cedar)
  • Overworked Detective (coffee)
  • Demon Blood (blood orange)

11.5oz Licensed Candles

  • Winter Solstice in Velaris (mulled wine)
  • Holidays in Crescent City (chocolate croissant nutmeg)
  • Yulemas in Terrasen (pine ozone thyme bonfire)
  • I am Infinite (petrichor)
  • Xaden Riorson (leather mint chocolate bergamot)
  • A Court of Sugar & Spice (cotton candy champagne)
  • Sugar Plum (chocolate mint air)
  • Nutcracker Prince (teakwood cardamom brown sugar hazelnut)
  • Caer (violet air woods)
  • Suriel (chamomile, tea leaves, citrus, musk)
  • Fire Breathing Bitch Queen (lemon verbena charcoal tonka bean bonfire)
  • City of Starlight (bergamot matcha sea salt)
  • To the Stars Who Listen (peach tonka bean green leaves)

13oz Candle Jars

  • I Found a Liquor Store & I Drank It
  • Jerk
  • Misha Hugs
  • Baby
  • Master of Puppets
  • Fallen Angel
  • Loki
  • Zero Fucks Left
  • Nevermore
  • Angels & Monsters
  • Soldier Boy
  • Family Business
  • Salt & Burn
  • Supernatural
  • King of Hell
  • Queen of Hell
  • Carry On My Wayward Son
  • Winter Witch
  • Christmastown
  • Snow Queen
  • Hallmark Christmas Movie
  • Winter is Coming
  • Micah's Vacuumed Ashes
  • Throne of Lies
  • Main Street Christmas
  • Twisted & Salty
  • Cursed Kingdom
  • Jensen
  • Pumpkin Queen
  • Pumpkin King
  • Grimoire
  • Bookish
  • The Raven
  • Hunter's Uniform
  • Dean
  • Bitch
  • Hmmm Fuck
  • Coffee & Contemplation
  • Starfall
  • Wand Shop

4oz Sprays

  • Dean
  • Baby
  • Sorcery of Thorns
  • Medusa
  • Loki
  • Hades
  • Bibliophile
  • Darkling
  • Lab Accident
  • Sam
  • The Unfortunate Side Effects of Heartbreak
  • Snow Queen
  • Winter Witch

Diffuser Oil

  • Death by TBR
  • Phoenix Feathers
  • Snow Queen
  • Court of Dreams
  • Winter Witch
  • Main Street Christmas
  • Winter Court

I'll have a list of 13oz jars, sprays and diffuser oil by next week.  We'll also be adding our limited edition TARDIS candle mugs on Black Friday as well.

Take Care!!

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This is just the information I came looking for. Can’t wait for the list to be up! x


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