End of Month Restock

I'm trying to push to get that last restock done before my vacation break! As we mentioned on social media, I'll be heading to Ireland & Scotland with my two oldest children for a school trip.  No orders will be shipped from March 23-April 4th.  I'll start processing orders again on April 5th.

Next Friday's restock will still be happening at 7PM CST.  So March 24th 7PM CST.  As of today, I have a slew of candle tins made for the restock and am hoping to get more diffuser oil made for you next week.  (As long as I can get the Wednesday preorder candles prepped and made first.) I'll keep you posted on both of those.

And don't forget April Fools day will open our preorder celebrating our 5 years of April Fools candles.  You'll be able to order all of our previous scents along with a secret new scent.  That preorder will open at 7PM on 4/1.

Here's what is FOR SURE restocking next Friday as of today:

6.5oz Regular Stock Candle Tins

  • Hecate (ligonberry yew spice)
  • Loki (bergamot citrus amber)
  • Modern Witch (vetiver sage lemon)
  • Blood Witch (sugar clove vanilla)
  • Cosmic Witch (ozone jasmine musk)
  • Boss Witch (patchouli clove sandalwood)
  • Nevermore (blackberry chocolate)
  • Hades (bonfire pomegranate water)
  • Bitch (whiskey cherry pie)
  • Crowley (brimstone whiskey cognac bergamot)
  • Demon Blood (blood orange)
  • Ewan (sandalwood citrus marine)
  • Jamie (oak moss whiskey rain)
  • Taurus (sandalwood patchouli)
  • Air (lemongrass green tea)
  • Athena (olive branches)
  • Aziraphale (almond earl grey apple)
  • Blood of My Enemies (blood orange margarita)
  • Dark Fairy (juniper red currant pine)
  • Dean's Baby (leather cedar old spice vanilla)
  • The Grimoire (patchouli woods)
  • Hmm Fuck (clove honey metal bonfire peppercorn)
  • Huntsman (flannel leaves musk)
  • I Found a Liquor Store & I Drank It (bourbon brown sugar butterscotch rum)
  • Lord & Lady of the Night (citrus sea air earl grey apple)
  • Werewolf (pine water)
  • Variant (cinnamon coffee Irish cream)
  • Asgard (cider oak)
  • Sam (pine vanilla)
  • Captain Hook (bayrum sea air)
  • Spymaster (amber lavender)
  • Wicked Temptress (apple cedar caramel)
  • Vigilante (LAST RUN) (cypress cedar lavender)
  • The Bard (hops whiskey smoke)
  • Carry On My Wayward Son (vanilla coffee bourbon)

Spring Seaonal 6.5oz Candles

  • Tamlin's Tears (casiss coconut apple jasmine)
  • Hera (lily green tea)
  • Apollo (hyacinth citrus)
  • Dawn Court (elderflower and moss)
  • Nature Demands Balance (wild flower honey)
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