Restock Updates: Delayed Jars & Next Pours

Hi all! I am sad to say that the 6/15 restock isn't going to go quite as planned. Many suppliers are facing shipping delays and my candle jar company is one of them. I do not have enough 7.5oz jars to do a full shop restock on 6/15 like I wanted to. My plan, right now, is to do a staggered restock. I'll make candles as I can get the supplies.  

Here is what I know for sure will be released on the 15th:

7.5oz Jars

The Rebel Collection:

  • Resistance (raspberry lemonade)
  • im-Peatch (peach bourbon brown sugar)
  • Fuck Civility (blackberry merlot)

3 Wick Jars

  • Cereal Killer
  • Dean's Baby
  • Grace of Castiel
  • j2 Hugs
  • Through Love All is Possible
  • Wayward
  • What the Cuss
  • Yennefer

Infinity 6 Layer Candle

Hmmm Fuck Soap

Mason Jars (13.5oz)

  • Another Bleeping Meeting
  • Awesomesauce
  • Bitch
  • Deal at the Crossroads
  • The Deal Is the Deal
  • Fallen Angel
  • Hmmm Fuck
  • I Found a Liquor Store & I Drank It
  • I'm a Nerd
  • Lord & Lady of the Night
  • White Wolf
  • Writers Lie

5.5oz Jars

  • Baby in a Trenchcoat
  • Destiel
  • Grace of Castiel
  • Grace of Gabe
  • I Don't Understand that Reference
  • Ketch-able
  • Trickster
Once I get my next set of 7.5oz jars (I expect them to ship this week), I will be pouring about 9 dozen more candles heavy on the Supernatural theme. I will keep you posted on when that release is expected.
I do have two more preorder events this month as well!
On June 10th, I will be opening a new preorder with Bespoken Curiosities. This is a mug candle inspired by "The Office".  The mug says "World's Best Boss" and smells like mint chocolate chip ice cream.
On June 17th, the "Plague Doctor" preorder opens with Dragonsworn Cosmetics. We will have three candle blends and three eye shadow pallets from you to choose from.
Shipment of the Magical Confections preorder will not be impacted by the jar delay. I already have those candles poured.  The preorder jars come in different containers so we will be good to go on them.
Thanks for understanding! I will keep everybody posted when there are new updates.
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I’m interested in 2 Serpent and Flame Infinity Candle. With 6 different flavors. Can you get back to me about them. Thanks.

Cheryl Belshaw

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